Why should I go solar?

The sun is our planet's single biggest source of energy, and presents us with a completely renewable solution for powering our homes and our way of life.


The benefits of switching to solar to power your home are innumerable, but one of the biggest is the savings it can provide. Purchasing a solar system allows you to take control of your home's energy source and invest in it, instead of paying an ever-increasing rate to the utility. Studies show that purchased solar also increases the value of homes on the marketplace.


Another reason for solar's expanding popularity is its ability to add a layer of control and independence to your power source. By pairing your solar system with battery backup, you can protect your home from volatile utility outages. And by oversizing your solar system, you are able to "bank" energy credits that you can use in the future should your usage increase.


But perhaps the most compelling reason to go solar is its impact on the environment. One of the founding principles for Renogy in our mission to make solar more accessible is to create a cleaner, more sustainable planet. Solar presents a plethora of environmental benefits by reducing emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases and eliminating other pollutants and harmful byproducts from the process.

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