How do I go solar with Renogy X?

Take a look at the full Renogy X journey, from inquiry to PTO.

Step 1: Submit the form. 

Your journey begins on our website. Here you can complete the first step to going solar in minutes, by inputting just a few key pieces of information about your home. We will take it from there, using our specialized algorithm to generate an initial quote. 


Step 2: Submit your electric bill.

Your initial quote will prompt you to submit a recent electric bill. This will allow your 

specialist to provide you with a custom design based on your actual usage.


Step 3: Review your custom design.

Your custom design will be sent directly to your inbox. 

Here you can review your design, equipment selection, and production estimates. You can either approve this design or schedule a virtual consultation with your specialist to request changes and ask questions. We'll work with you to make sure your design is just right. 


Step 4: Approve your design.

When you're ready to approve your custom design, you will sign your preliminary 

agreement and submit a refundable $50 deposit. That's it! Your project is now active in the Renogy X pipeline! 


Step 5: Site Audit.

Upon approving your custom design, you will schedule a site audit.

The purpose of the site audit is to gather physical details about your home to ensure that it is ready for solar. A trained technician will inspect the condition of your roof, structure, and electric panel, and will provide all of this information to our engineers so that we can finalize your design and provide you with any additional steps, if necessary.


Step 6: Final Design.

Once we have gathered information from your site audit, we will finalize your solar design, including the location of your solar panels on the roof, as well as the rest of your equipment. If any upgrades are required to the roof, structure, or electric panel, we will provide you with all of the quotes and next steps.  Your final design will be emailed to you, with the option to review it live with your specialist.


Step 7: Permitting.

Once you have approved your final design, our team gets to work to submit the necessary building permits to the city. Approvals can take a few weeks to a few months, depending on your AHJ. Your specialist will update you when your project is approved.


Step 8: Installation.

If no additional upgrades are required, your project will be ready for installation!

We will coordinate scheduling with you directly to ensure a fast and smooth process. 

Typical solar installations can be completed in 1-2 days.


Step 9: City inspection & interconnection.

Once your system is installed, our team will coordinate the last few steps necessary to get you up and running. This includes scheduling inspection with the city, as well as  completing interconnection approval with your utility. This step can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on your AHJ.


Step 10: PTO.

Once your utility company approves interconnection, they will contact you to grant you Permission to Operate (PTO). As soon as you have this approval, you are ready to turn on your system and enjoy a home that's powered by the sun. 


Remember, your trained specialist will provide you with a single touchpoint for updates, guidance, and answers throughout your journey with Renogy X. 

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