Common Scope of Work Callouts

Following your site audit, it may be determined that your home requires upgrades in order to go solar. Here's what to look out for.

Your home's solar readiness will be determined by your site audit, which is an evaluation of the condition of your roof, electric, and structure. Depending upon the results of your site audit, there are several types of home upgrades that could be required in order to move forward with your solar project.


Roof Work:

The age and condition of your roof are key to determining whether your home is ready for solar. If our engineers determine that the condition of your roof cannot withstand the installation of solar, or that it is prone to leaks, they will require a reroof. Depending on your roof and the conditions, this could be a partial reroof (strictly the roof planes for solar) or a full-home reroof.


Main Panel Upgrade (MPU):

The condition of the electric panel is another primary qualification for solar readiness. Our engineers will determine whether your electric panel is in good working order, up to code, and can handle the backfeed of your solar system. If not, they may call for a Main Panel Upgrade, where your existing electrical breaker box is upgraded to a new one with new electrical circuit breakers.


Structural Work:

Your roof must be structurally sound in order to install solar, as well. Should your site audit reveal any rotting, sagging, or cracking within the structure, work will be required before panels can be installed.


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